The Art of FLIGHT – The Modern Day Explorers

Strap yourself in for an adrenaline filled ride, away from man made concrete jungles and apartment block buildings.. The Art of FLIGHT follows Travis Rice and other snow borders as they dream up… Continue reading

Design In 30 Seconds: Nike On Why Design Matters

Good Design a part of any brand realising its full potential Mark Parker, President & CEO of Nike (via Fast Co.Design)

Better Out than In I Banksy

As promised, Banksy’s anticipated “Better Out Than In” project has officially been unravelled – and is currently trending on Facebook. The artist has declared that New York City will be his playground for the month of… Continue reading

Ira Glass: How To Close The Gap Between Shit Work & Great Work

Ira Glass is an American Life Host and an incredible storyteller, in fact he is known for his storytelling and you’ll see exactly why. The video above is a combination of interview snippets… Continue reading

1/3 Of All Food Is Wasted: UN – ABC News

We All Love Eating Out, But How Much Are We Throwing Out? Having worked in hospitality for several years I’m all too familiar with how much food is wasted in our country. I… Continue reading

M.C. Escher- The Genius I Advertising + Maths

Recently I have come to think that the scientists and mathematicians among us may be the most creative individuals around. This is somewhat argued by the most watched TED Talk – of all… Continue reading

A New Banksy | Co.Create | creativity + culture

On a wall in L.A sprouts a stencil of a tagger, vomiting up a waterfall of flowers and leaves, aptly named ‘Better Out than In’. The new Banksy also promises something on the… Continue reading

Reimagine the familiar into something fresh and new.

Brief: re-imagine the familiar into something fresh and new, an initiative by The Lincoln Motor Company Hello Again is a short film that explores how different people respond to the same piece of… Continue reading

John Warwicker: Art Education Today Vs mid 70’s | Desktop

John Warwicker is a Professor of Design at Monash University, co-founder of the multi-disciplinary studio Tomato and long term member and collaborator of the band, Underworld. On the topic of what has changed… Continue reading

We are indirectly eating plastic.. Boyan Slat’s Revolutionary Plan to Save our Oceans

Today I’d like to introduce you to Boyan Slat. He is 19 years old. This guys research claims there’s the likes of 1000 Eiffel Towers of plastic floating in the gyres of the… Continue reading

The Work of Danie Mellor

When Van Gogh painted his famous Still Life Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers, I really think he unlocked an aesthetic secret or truth which captures my attention even in todays work. What he did… Continue reading