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Ira Glass: How To Close The Gap Between Shit Work & Great Work

Ira Glass is an American Life Host and an incredible storyteller, in fact he is known for his storytelling and you’ll see exactly why. The video above is a combination of interview snippets… Continue reading

M.C. Escher- The Genius I Advertising + Maths

Recently I have come to think that the scientists and mathematicians among us may be the most creative individuals around. This is somewhat argued by the most watched TED Talk – of all… Continue reading

Reimagine the familiar into something fresh and new.

Brief: re-imagine the familiar into something fresh and new, an initiative by The Lincoln Motor Company Hello Again is a short film that explores how different people respond to the same piece of… Continue reading

Happiness without Boarders – Small World Machines shortlisted for Cannes Lions!

With the Cannes Lions Award nominees announced overnight, I am so stoked to see The Small World Machines by Leo Burnett Sydney score its top spot in the Outdoor Lions shortlist! When I… Continue reading

DT guide to Mumbrella360

DT guide to Mumbrella360 from DTDigital I went on a trip to sydney last week for the Mumbrella360 conference. Here are some quotes from industry leaders.

An Ingenious Music Video Comprised Of Crowdsourced Cursors

One thing pointed out to me by a little trip to Naked Communications, Melbourne, was that if you want people to like what you do these days, you’ve got to make them a… Continue reading

Qantas to close PR Twitter account

Every brand wants to get on the social media band wagon whether they do it right or not, whether its relevant to their needs or not. It appears Qantas has too many twitter… Continue reading

April Fools Day..

Or pesce d’aprile! (because things always sound so much better in French).. Speaking of France, traditionally on this day you’d see kids tack paper fishes on each other’s back as a trick and… Continue reading