We are indirectly eating plastic.. Boyan Slat’s Revolutionary Plan to Save our Oceans

Today I’d like to introduce you to Boyan Slat. He is 19 years old. This guys research claims there’s the likes of 1000 Eiffel Towers of plastic floating in the gyres of the ocean. Sheeeeeeeeesh! What on earth are we doing? The TED talk above makes me quite emotional. I really feel for all the marine life. Poisonous molecules found in the plastic consumed by fish and in turn consumed by us. In the end, they will out do us I believe.

I mean only recently we heard the news of radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant to be dumped into Pacific. There is more than 300,000 tonnes of contaminated water being stored at the Fukushima plant.. When I posted an article about it on Facebook, a friends comment was “Bring on Godzilla. I for one welcome our new reptilian overlord”.

However, Slat so passionately promotes “Human history is basically a list of things that couldn’t be done, and then were done.” And its true isn’t it? THIS is the kind of stuff that should be all over the news. He has even gone so far to research how to separate the very important plankton from the plastic, with the simple science of a centrifuge.

However, there’s still the argument that people always tend to bring up on massive clean up and environmental related initiatives – “What about all the emission’s and pollution related with the project? It will do more damage than good.” Well well well, Slat enlightens us with a solution that makes his project not only cost efficient, but in fact profitable.

I believe that the key thing is, only if we realise change is more important than money, money will come.

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(via VR-Zone)