M.C. Escher- The Genius I Advertising + Maths

Recently I have come to think that the scientists and mathematicians among us may be the most creative individuals around. This is somewhat argued by the most watched TED Talk – of all time – which talks about creativity vs maths and their place in education. 

For those who spend time finding patterns in wavelengths and measuring distances between intangible things, I believe their potential and capacity for lateral thinking far surpasses most of the creatives today who see themselves as creatives.

Now too many scientists and mathematicians do not consider themselves as creative individuals and this is where mine and Ken Robinson’s ideas align. Creativity has been strongly suppressed and there needs to be a change in the way we approach its place in our education system.

Perhaps Dutch artist, M.C Escher, was among one of the first to realise this merge between industries. But even on a more immediate spectrum, I can notice this creativity among my friends, from those who practice medicinal chemistry to those who produce music in the geeky-looking program Abelton Live. It’s embedded into the way they think and even communicate their ideas.

These lithographs below are among my favourites from M.C Escher. He is well known for his mathematically inspired woodcuts and lithographs which feature impossible constructions and explorations of infinity, tessellation’s and architecture. “Relativity” in particular will adorn my wall/future office desk to remind me of all the directions any one idea can go.

“Relativity” 1953

“Drawing Hands” 1948

Hand with Reflecting Sphere

“Hand with Reflecting Sphere” 1935

**UPDATE: How ‘Relativity’ works in Analysis