The Work of Danie Mellor

Danie Mellor

When Van Gogh painted his famous Still Life Vase with Fourteen Sunflowers, I really think he unlocked an aesthetic secret or truth which captures my attention even in todays work.

What he did was use various shades of the same colour for the object as well as the background. It wasn’t the most popular move in the art world back in the eighteenth century.

The work of Danie Mellor uses the same principle to an extent. I always wonder how so much intricate detail on such a large scale can be created with shades and tones of a single colour – it is absolutely incredible.

Mellor’s work explores the relationships between Indigenous and Western cultures, however, guaranteed it is unlike any of the Indigenous art and art of the first fleet that you have previously seen.

Adorned with bright parrots, the message in his work comes to the forefront essentially with the clever use of colour, creating a real energy about his work. There is a surreal feeling about the entire series. The environment is portrayed as a magical and harmonious place, untouched by western civilisation.

Visit Mellor’s website here.

Danie Mellor2

(Via Juxtapoz)