Artists Pushing Boundaries: Isotopes v.2 Traps People in a Prison of Light

Isotopes v.2 is a fascinating creation by Nonotak Studio that was featured at the Mapping Festival in Geneva over the last couple of weeks, alongside many, many other fascinating works. As I was watching the video of the installation in play, all I could think of was how badly I want to be the girl in the video and experience such a thing for myself.
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Isotopes is an open space which can also be perceived as a prison,” they explain. “At first, the slow and hypnotizing moving lights attracts the visitor into the heart of it. Then, the rhythm and the intensity become continually more aggressive until it generates immaterial barriers: it’s easy to get in but neigh impossible to get out.

The thing about installations such as this, is the incredible use of sound and visual elements and how they interact with one another to distort the relationship between the viewers senses. Thus, we become convinced we are trapped in a solid 3D prison, as our mind is trying its best to make sense of what is going on around us. Technology in relation to light and its capabilities, for example in the form of projection, installations and holograms is becoming a very intriguing and interesting platform for the effect it can potentially have on our body. It presents an outer-worldly experience.

The work itself presses on a much deeper issue. The catalyst for the project takes us back to the 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the city of Fukushima, Japan in 2011 resulting in major damage to the city’s nuclear power plant. As radiation levels skyrocketed, the city was evacuated. Isotopes v.2 brings that tragedy back to the forefront in an intense and thought-provoking way.

“..This echoes the way humans approach nuclear power. First seduced, then addicted by its comfortable energy, humans have become trapped in an unstable situation.”

(via Juxtapoz)