An Ingenious Music Video Comprised Of Crowdsourced Cursors

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One thing pointed out to me by a little trip to Naked Communications, Melbourne, was that if you want people to like what you do these days, you’ve got to make them a part of the action. People may like to sit back and be entertained, but what they seemingly like even more is getting involved.

Do Not Touch has achieved this part of the equation by making this quirky interactive music video for Light Light’s new song ‘Kilo’. Once you hit PLAY, you’ll be greeted by hundreds (eventually thousands) of cursors who will be your buddies while you journey through the song. Each curser is a different person watching the clip so you become a part of this collective experience.

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The way in which tracks put out their releases is getting more and more interesting and with the current state of the music industry, they need to. For example, we have Daft Punk’s gradual release of its Collaboration Sessions, we had The Presets Limited Edition Pacifica Deluxe pack, we’ve got little album and track teasers coming out on Soundcloud. Gone are the days where you just film a clip and chuck it on RAGE. You want to make it stand out in a over saturated market and get your music talked about. If the quality of the music can back it up, than the hype hopefully won’t be short lived.

You can check out the video and try it yourself here.
The video was created by Amsterdam based studio Moniker (Roel Wouters, Luna Maurer, Jonathan Puckey)

(via Fast CoDesign)