Urban Design Spaces, need more!

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has announced the winners of its 2013 Honor Awards, a series of prizes given out in recognition of architecture, interior architecture and urban design projects from 2012.

Is it really that difficult to create urban spaces like this in Australia? I’m sure people would welcome it with delight. Why not paint our concrete jungles to give it a face lift. If you’re familiar with any colour theories, landscape architects and town planners potentially have the ability to change peoples moods and make a town more productive. You wouldn’t want to litter such a surface either. For a cleaner, smarter city, vote more urban design spaces!

One of the honour awards went to a designer known by the name BIG, who drew praise for the work below on the Superkilen park in Copenhagen. It is a mile long masterplan that cuts through the ethnically diverse Nørrebro district of Copenhagen. The institute’s jury described the project as a joy.

“This is not only original, but stunning to behold. It is noteworthy for its aesthetic approach, which is straightforwardly artificial rather than pretending to be natural.”

(via disegnodaily)