If You’re Already Remixing The New Daft Punk, I Have One Thing To Say To You

As the release of the upcoming Daft Punk album continues to build more hype than any other dance release of late, there’s always going to be those who try and cash in on the success in perhaps trying to keep themselves relevant or upholding a certain image. Tonight however, this particular remix of Daft Punk’s unreleased tune ‘Get Lucky’ did no favours for the acts image, with the lack of support quickly realised and the content taken down pronto.

“There’s something to be said for people who have the creativity to do something first, but remixing a radio rip of an unreleased tune is a big no-no, folks. Be patient, bide your time, and do it when you can give it 100% instead of hopping on the express train to Internet Traffic-ville” – Ziad Ramley

Bombs Away, Unlucky.

(via Salacious Sound)