Qantas to close PR Twitter account

Every brand wants to get on the social media band wagon whether they do it right or not, whether its relevant to their needs or not. It appears Qantas has too many twitter accounts.

The airline announced in a tweet it would close its @QantasMedia account, which is run by its PR team.

This account will be officially closed next Friday 19 April. For all Qantas news, see the Qantas News Room

Their other twitter account @QantasAirways account has many more followers and is said to be managed by their marketing team.

Qantas has had a rocky relationship with social media as we remember it was slammed on social media in 2011 when it grounded its fleet, which was very soon followed by a backlash over a promotion using the hashtag #qantasluxury.

I guess one thing that came out of QantasMedia’s lifespam was a couple of good case studies for students on the topic of crisis management.

(via mUmBRELLA)