April Fools Day..

Or pesce d’aprile! (because things always sound so much better in French).. Speaking of France, traditionally on this day you’d see kids tack paper fishes on each other’s back as a trick and shout “April Fish!”.

On the interwebs we saw many big corporations like Google, Microsoft and Youtube cash in on the laughs. It actually is pretty refreshing. With all the crazy things they can do these days the why not joke about it.
The Youtube one was a good idea but dragged on a bit and wasn’t so convincing. That style of presenting I just can’t take seriously after skits by the likes of College Humour and The Harvard Sailing Team.

We also saw a personal appeal from President Barak Obama:

“My fellow Americans,

Despite the best efforts of my administration, prolonged partisan debates in Congress are preventing us from a solution to our mounting national debt. Instead of bickering over taxes, we’re taking a new approach: asking everyday Americans to chip in so we can pay off our debt once and for all.

With your help, it’s time to act.

SoundCloud developed its joke of the day around that “ohhhh, that drop was dope!” idea that you might hear every so often on a dubstep DF. By introducing the Dropometer, it enabled everyone skip to that short, euphoric moment where the music drops out and gets everyone is dancing. Very obvious example, think of the Harlem Shake.
Using a clever algorithm, they highlighted this point in all the tracks anyone has ever uploaded. Made me think, if they can do this, imagine all the other things they could do…

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